Used Volvo SUVs for sale in Grand Rapids, MI

A Used Volvo SUV, Like the XC60 and XC90, Is the Right Choice for Grand Rapids Drivers

There are a number of great new SUVs to choose from, and we have many of these choices on our lot, but we also have used Volvo SUVs for your consideration. One of the most popular types of vehicles people look for is the SUV, and Betten Volvo Cars has a few good ones for you from Volvo.

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Why Are Used Volvo SUVs the Right Choice?

There are many reasons you may want to choose a used vehicle instead of a new one, like the following:

  • Used vehicles do not usually lose value as quickly
  • Some used vehicles are still under warranty
  • They are more affordable, and allow you to choose higher trim levels for less
  • Insurance is often less expensive with used vehicles
  • Certified By Volvo models come with a number of excellent benefits

These are just some reasons you may want to drive around Kentwood, Rockford, and Wyoming in a used Volvo SUV.

You know brand-new SUVs can be a little pricey, but you can get the pre-owned SUV you need at a fraction of the price, and that is good news for anyone. Talk to one of our representatives at our dealership to find out more about our used inventory or how we'll help you save money on your used SUV.

What Kind of Inventory Can You Expect?

All you have to do is look through our online inventory to see that we have a lot of choices when it comes to our used SUVs, and that was intentional. Each vehicle speaks to a specific type of person, which helps us find the right vehicle for each person.

One pre-owned option we have is the Volvo XC60, which is the kind of SUV many would be happy to drive around Grandville simply because of its precision handling and stylish exterior design.

Not only are you going to see that the XC60 has a lot of trims, but you may be able to get a full all-wheel drive or a two-wheel drive. Those who are taking on rough terrain are probably going to want to look for models with those capabilities.

Volvo knew you were going to need their vehicles for cross-country trips, but you may also need their vehicles to drive in the cities. This is the reason most of their models are not only great at handling; they also give you good miles per gallon.

Each model varies when it comes to how many miles per gallon you are going to get, so make sure you look through our used Volvo SUV inventory to find the right model for you.

As you peruse through our selection, you are probably going to come across the used Volvo XC90, which is another popular model worth considering. Each model year has a little something different that you may love, so be sure to look through a few of them.

Part of what makes the XC90 so special is that it has a naturally rugged look, which can make you feel like you are king or queen of the road. Not many people would want to pass up an opportunity to feel like that.

Those who have large families, transport a lot of cargo, or want a vehicle that is strong enough to tow a boat may want to stick to these Volvo models, which were built to handle this kind of work.

Once you have found the right SUV for you, you can schedule an appointment to get to know the vehicle in person. There is little that can be compared to actually test driving a vehicle you are considering because it gives you a chance to see if you match the SUV of your choice.