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Wherever you travel from Grand Rapids, you want to ensure that you always have the most comfortable and efficient ride. Among many other factors, one great way to make this happen is to ensure that your cabin and engine air filters are clean. At Betten Volvo Cars, we want you to be an informed auto owner, which is why we provide this basic explanation of the different types of filters your vehicle uses.

Both types of air filters, cabin and engine, are used to filter contaminants from the air to provide a clean operating environment. The difference is where that air goes after it is filtered. Engine air filters are used to clean the air that moves through the engine. Pure air here is crucial since this is the air that the engine uses for combustion. A dirty air filter will force your engine to work harder, putting unnecessary wear and tear on its components and lowering your gas mileage.

A cabin air filter, on the other hand, cleans the air that comes into the cabin of the vehicle, as its name suggests. This filter can remove dust, allergens, and even odors that your car is exposed to as it drives down the road. This filter ensures the cabin of your vehicle stays fresh and clean, as well as making it easier to breathe for allergy sufferers. A dirty filter will force your vehicle's HVAC system to work harder and will cause extra dust to accumulate on the surfaces inside your car.

Replacement intervals of both filters depend largely on driving conditions. Service engine air filters every 30,000 miles, at minimum. Of course, if you regularly drive in particularly dusty or dirty environments in Grand Rapids, this interval shrinks significantly. You should replace the cabin air filter a minimum of once a year or every 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Again, dusty and debris-filled environments shrink this interval.

The service professionals at our dealership take pride in properly replacing your vehicle's air filters. We use only the highest-grade original equipment manufacturer filters to ensure proper airflow and long-lasting quality. While we are replacing your air filters, we also check all associated hoses, fans, clamps, and other components to ensure your vehicle is operating as efficiently as possible. If you've noticed a drop in performance in your car, stop by our service center so we can check to see if a dirty air filter is the culprit.

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