Keep Your Food From Spoiling as You Travel

If you are looking to bring a dish of food to a friend's house for a holiday meal, you want to keep that dish from spilling all over your car. It is important for you to know what you should do as you travel with food this holiday season, and the Betten Volvo Cars team is here to help.

  • Make sure that your food is covered and that the lid is secure before you take that food out to the car.
  • If you have passengers with you and they are able to help you, instruct them to hold the food and keep it from tipping as you drive.
  • Pack your food into a box of some kind, using towels around it to keep it insulated and standing straight.

The Betten Volvo Cars team hopes that you and your family have an amazing holiday season! Have fun and be safe, and enjoy all of the time that you get to spend with your friends.

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