As you prepare for winter, don't forget your vehicle

You can feel the chill in the air as fall begins to turn to winter. Daylight Saving Time is just a few days away, and before you know it, our Michigan streets will be covered with snow and ice.

The service department at Betten Volvo Cars of Grand Rapids, MI can help you get your vehicle ready for the elements that winter brings.

Checking the fluids in your car can help avoid many of the problems that freezing temperatures can cause. Have your antifreeze checked to ensure the ratio of antifreeze to water is correct. Getting an oil change and switching to a thinner oil for winter is a smart decision and have the windshield wiper fluid switched to winter type as well.

Winter tires can help with traction in the snow and ice. Check the tread depth and make sure the tires are aired up properly.

Contact our service department for an appointment. We can help get your car ready for winter so you can stay safe and warm.

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