Volvo Makes a Push for Fully-Electric Vehicles

Volvo announced some electrifying news regarding future models. The automaker stated that all new Volvo models will have an electric motor starting in 2019.

Of the major automakers, Volvo is the first to make this dive into a future free from the combustion engine.

Some of these new models will be hybrids while others will be purely electric, but Volvo plans to phase out gas-only vehicles as time goes on. Volvo also plans to roll out five new electric-only models and hit a goal of one million electric cars sold by 2025.

Volvo has not released the details on these five new vehicles, but we're excited to see what lies in store.

Until then, come see us at our showroom in Grand Rapids, MI to learn more about any model in our current Volvo lineup today! We'll be happy to get you started on a test drive!

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