Don't Forget Your Roadside Emergency Kit



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Even if you take meticulous care of your vehicle, it can still break down for any number of reasons like a dead battery or a flat tire. Assembling a roadside emergency kit and keeping it in your car can help you handle these situations by allowing you to make fixes or wait safely until someone else arrives to help you.

We have compiled a list of suggestions for your roadside emergency kit:

  • Flare alternatives: Something to warn oncoming traffic that you're there. Battery-powered beacons or reflective triangles offer good warning without the risk of fire.
  • Escape tool: A floating car takes only about two minutes to sink. After that, it becomes nearly impossible to open windows. This will help you cut through seatbelts and break through side windows so you can escape.
  • Multipurpose tool: A Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman tool will let you make minor adjustments to your vehicle and clear debris.
  • Jumper cables: These should be between ten and sixteen feet long and coated in six- to eight-gauge rubber.
  • Foam tire sealant: This is a temporary fix that can get you back up and running if you run over a nail. Use it to get yourself to a point where you can fix or replace the tire.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with our service center in Grand Rapids, MI before you head out on a road trip to make sure your car is in great shape for the long journey!

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