Stay Home and Finance Your New Car

Thanks to the spread of technology in today’s world, many things can be done online, most of which couldn’t have been fathomed to happen without meeting in person or talking on the phone just a few decades ago. One of these things that technology facilitates and makes loads easier is applying for vehicular financing. Although most dealerships don’t offer such a service, we at Betten Volvo Cars, in fact, do.

You can feel comfortable about applying online, rather than applying in person and standing the risk of not being approved. You’ll never have to get dressed to the nines to go somewhere for people you don’t even know, or could be busy helping others.

At our Grand Rapids dealership, we contact you promptly regarding your application, proving to you that we put customers first, rather than placing what’s convenient first. Simply log on to our page by looking for us in the local area, add a small bit of information, and wait for a response. It’s that easy to get started with us!

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